Reflective and Glow in the Dark Stripe

UK Manufactured High Quality Stripes, specifications as follow:

  • Cost-effective slip prevention, hi-viz and glow in the dark material
  • Will guide employees and guests in a lights out scenario
  • Great for ledges or step application to warn people night and day
  • 150mm x 610mm Reflective and Glow in the Dark Stripe
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Dual-purpose non slip floor tiles with two strips suitable for low light conditions. In low light conditions where things are still visible, the reflective strip will reflect light and help attract the eye of any people close by, warning of potential hazards such as ledges or steps. In low light conditions where visibility isn’t very good at all, or even in power outs, the glow in the dark strip will help guide people, whether down walkways or warning or ledges and steps, helping to maintain efficient safety levels at all times.