DOT Tape

UK manufactured DOT tape, specification are as follows:

  • Reflects the majority of light directly back at the source
  • Increases visibility in low light or poor visibility situations
  • Impact proof
  • UV stable
  • 50mm width
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DOT tape is a glass bead version, using, as the name suggests, microscopic glass beads applied to the surface in a honeycomb-shaped grid. This formation allows a sufficient portion of the light shone at the surface to reflect directly back at the source in a wide cone that is suitable to allow perfect visibility to increase safety and reduce the risk of collisions in any lighting condition.

Its performance is unquestionable. Constructed in the same way as all other top quality DOT tapes, resulting in an impact-proof, UV stable reflective material that will apply to any clean, dry surface such as aluminium, steel and fibreglass with its self-adhesive base.